Kalimba is a musical instrument making sounds by thumbs flicking the thin tines on the body. In Kenya, it is called thumb piano. There are different names in different countries. in Congo, people call it Likebme, and there are many other names, such as Sanza, Thumb drum, and Wood finger piano.

       Kalimba originated in Africa. Its rudiment appeared in West Africa over 3000 years ago. People think that the music played by kalimba can not only drive away the evil spirits of patients but also pray for rain; it is a symbol of luckiness. It is popular. Currently, kalimba users are spread all over the world and the number is increasing.

      At present, many kalimba manufacturers around the world produce a wide variety of kalimba. Most of the products are still in the toy stage and have only the appearance. our kalimba factory adopts the operation mode of R & D, shaping, testing, and launching. Each kalimba has undergone thousands of appearances, sound effects testing, and the product can be launched to the market after successful testing.

       In order to meet the ever-increasing market quality requirements, our company has launched the MAGADI (涟韵)brand Kalimba. The MAGADI brand represents the research and production of kalimba at the performance level.

       Choose MAGADI, choose professional kalimba manufacturer.

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